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Along with learning how to paint faces, you will also learn how to paint fabric with stripes, velvet, soft fur, Santa’s beard, reflected light, long hair, short hair and, best of all, fantasy sparkles!

MODULE ONE includes three Christmas/Winter Portraits which are absolutely loaded with things to learn.

"Portraits Made Easy"

MODULE ONE (2-year) Membership




In Module Two you will learn so much about the skin but also so many fabrics! We will paint lace, cotton, tulle, and denim. In an addition to all of that, we get to work with light. It's fun to see how light plays against other things that surround it. I will also teach you how to paint hands and feet, which is important in portraits.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced portrait artist, I know you’ll get a lot out of each of these lessons!

"Portraits Made Easy"

MODULE TWO (2-year) Membership