Valerie Stewart

Valerie Stewart
Certified Portrait Instructor

Valerie Stewart has been teaching portraits full-time since 1981. Valerie began her training under nationally known artists such as BJ Nartker & Mary Carole Larsen. She was honored to be asked by Bob Ross to film some portrait videos for his company to market to interested painters around the globe.

Filmed in Morgan Hill, CA under the direction of Don Paonessa, producer of "Highlander."


Valerie wished to share her portrait painting skills with other prospective artists by marketing her own line of instructional videos, under her own label, “VSP Home Grown Series.” Valerie’s unique painting process required the use of only six portrait skin colors that are able to be blended to achieve the desired color and reducing the costs of paint purchases for the student.  She continues to work in collaboration with art supply manufacturer, Chroma Paint Co, using their brand of Archival oil products.

Valerie also recognized the value of using high-quality paint brushes and the need for students to have easy access to a quality product.  After reviewing the brushes commercially available, she decided that she would need to engage a reputable company to manufacture her own quality line of brushes. She continues to market these quality paint and brush products.

Valerie has continued to visit studios around the country to provide instruction classes to new and advanced gifted artists.  As a result of very popular demand, Valerie has now engaged in this new endeavor to make her portrait painting instruction available online so that artists around the country can hone their skills from the comfort of their own homes or studios.

In the many years that she has taught she has touched the lives of thousands of painters around the world. Valerie’s love of people is evident in her beautiful artwork. She doesn’t consider her students to be just students but they also are valued friends. She continues to travel the United States extensively throughout the year teaching dozens of painting classes to beginners and advanced students alike. Valerie currently lives in El Dorado Hills, California with her husband Ernie.

Val's Motto: "Everything is easy...once you know how!"