Valerie Stewart

Art, Instruction, and Certification Program


Welcome to the Valerie Stewart

"Portraits Made Easy"

Educational Series!

Val's step-by-step training modules are designed to help you learn the simplicity of painting portraits at your leisure, in your own home. 

Valerie presents many different paintings, individually designed to teach you a specific portrait painting technique. Valerie’s, easy-to-follow, portrait painting technique has been taught to thousands around the world.

Students find that her technique is very straightforward and very doable, even for the most novice beginner. You will enjoy following along as Valerie teaches you, step-by-step, each aspect of portrait painting.

With Val's easy to follow instructions and limited palette, over time you will find that your portrait painting skills will improve abundantly. It is our hope that you enjoy every aspect of this Portrait Educational Series.

Val's Motto: "Everything is easy...once you know how!"


MODULE ONE of Valerie Stewart's "Portraits Made Easy" Educational series includes three winter and holiday themed portraits. These are absolutely loaded with techniques for you to learn and work on throughout the year! 

Beginners and advanced painters alike will learn how to paint faces, fabric with stripes, velvet, soft fur, Santa’s beard, reflected light, long hair, short hair and, best of all, fantasy sparkles! Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!